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To find your event, please use the quick finder box below - these list the events alphabetically - the images below also link to galleries which are usually showing the most recent first.

Here, we have a few years of active galleries on this page, but we have a very large archive. If you are looking for older galleries, please email us with the details of the date/event and we'll check if they can be made available.

RAECTI British Miniature Horse Show & open Showing Classes
SCWPCA Spring Show 28th April 2024
RAECTI Open Spring Show Sunday 21st April 2024
Manhood RC Inhand Show & TGCA Southern Reginal Show Sunday 17th March 2024
Manhood RC Christmas Charity Show Sunday 3rd December 2023
SCWPCA Autumn Show Sunday 19th November 2023
Manhood RC Autumn Inhand Show Sunday 15th October 2023
RAECTI Open Autumn Show Sunday 24th September 2023
Hascombe British Dressage 16th September 2023
RAECTI Open Summer Show Sunday 6th August 2023
RAECTI One Day Event Sunday 2nd July 2023
Hascombe Senior British SJ Sunday 4th June 2023
RAECTI Open Spring Show Monday 29th May 2023
RAECTI Spring Show Sunday 23rd April 2023
Manhood RC Spring Inhand & Ridden Show Sunday 12th March 2023
RAECTI Dressage Championship Sunday 19th February 2023