Spidge Event Photography

CPEDI Wednesday 13th March 2024
CPEDI Tuesday 12th March 2024
CPEDI Monday 11th March 2024
Addington Customer Favourites
Pyecombe Ben Hobday Clinic
Cherry Hember
Addington BD Show 7th July 2023
Addington BD Show 6th July 2023
Hurst College Schools National Showjumping 30th June 2023
Addington BD 3rd-4th June 2023
ICE Horseboxes CPEDI Dressage at Hickstead May 9th-11th May
BSPS AREA 15 SHOW 1st April 2023
All England September Tour Wk1 Day 1 - Weds 31st August
Portman BE Tues 5th April 2022
Borde Hill 2 BE - 22nd August 2021
Equifest 2021- Working Hunter, Showjumping and Dressage
Pyecombe Senior BS 5th-8th August 2021
ICE Horseboxes All England Dressage 2021
Chilham Park CT & Eventers Challenge
Calmsden 2 BE Sun 11th Oct 2020
Eridge PC Showjumping 11th October 2020
Eridge PC Showjumping 10th October 2020
Banfield Equestrian Showjumping 10th October 2020
South of England BE 26th-27th Sept 2020
2013 AEJC
Chilham Park ODE 13th Sept 2020
Chilham Park ODE Sat 12th Sept 2020
Science Supplements AEJC Day 5 - Sun 6th Sept 2020
Science Supplements AEJC Day 4 Sat 5th Sept
Science Supplements AEJC Day 3 Friday 4th Sept 2020
Science Supplements AEJC Day 2 Thurs 3rd Sept 2020
Science Supplements AEJC 2020- Weds 2nd Sept
SOE 2 2015